California King Mattress Size

The California King or Cal King in short is popular along the west coast region and sometimes is also known as Western King. California King is often assumed as the standard King mattress west of Mississippi River .It is 4 inches narrower and 4 inches longer than a standard/Eastern King Mattress. Among mattress dimensions available in the market it has the maximum length and makes an excellent choice for tall people.

Dimensions: 72 inches (Width) x 84 inches (length)
Width Per Person: 36 inches

California King Pros  :

  • A California king is roomy for couples  and at 84 ” length is long enough for people more than 6 feet in height. If length is more important  than width, the California King is a better choice. If the extra length is not required accommodating extra width of a standard  King size mattress is advised.

California King  Cons  :

  • California King is a large mattress  and might be problematic to move around narrow stairs or rooms.
  • If you live in other parts of the country outside the west coast  you might face some problems in getting cal size sheets. Shopping online is a good idea if you do not live on the west coast..

Approximate Prices :
Prices are higher than other mattresses but slightly lower than a king Mattress. Prices vary hugely   according to the thickness , the brand and the comfort level . Online Prices range between $800 for a firm mattress to about  $5200 for a pillow top mattress.

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