Full Mattress Size

Full mattresses are also known as a double mattress and were the most common sizes till 1960’s.The full size mattress provides the maximum comfort to people up to a height of 5 feet 5 inches.

A recent trend has been buying a full mattress for children bedrooms. This gives children ample space to spread themselves and allows parents to tuck in with their kids during story telling sessions.

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Dimensions: 54 (width) x 75 (length)

Width Per Person: 27 inches

Full Mattress Pros:

  • The small size fits perfectly into smaller rooms & guest rooms.
  • The bedding is also cheaper than other mattress sizes and are available in a variety of patterns.

Full Mattress Cons:

  • Though it is called a double mattress the sleeping space per person is only 27 inches. Comparing it to a twin mattress  it gives 12 inches less space per person.
  • The length of the mattress is also less and is not comfortable for tall people.

Approximate Prices: Online mattress prices for a full mattress range between $600 to $3500.

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