King Mattress

If you like to sleep like a king then the King mattress is the size for you!
King Mattress is the widest size available in the market. It is also known as Standard King or Eastern King. On the west Coast a slight variation California King is popular. Eastern / Standard King  is the most common of the two sizes and the original King size.

Dimensions : 76 inches (Width) x 80 inches (length)
Width Per Person: 38 inches

King Mattress Pros :

  • Provides ample sleep space and is the most comfortable for two adults. The additional width of the mattress will make you glad when the kids jump in on a holiday. It is also a good size for people who allow pets on their beds.

King Mattress Cons :

  • Due to its large size it is not a practical choice for singles who may have to move by themselves. The dimensions of the mattress would often trouble you in small rooms or while shifting it along corridors, windy hallways or stairs. If you are looking for versatility  then it may be a good idea to combine two twin XL mattresses in place of a single king mattress.(Using this method you would only fall short of 2 inches in width)
  • The Bedding of a King Mattress is also the most expensive . You would need 3 standard size pillows to cover the entire width of the mattress.

Approximate Prices:  King Mattresses require the maximum investment as compared to other sizes. Prices depend on the thickness of the mattress and the brand. Online Prices of good quality mattresses range between $800 for a basic mattress to about  $6000 for a high quality pillow top mattress.

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