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Amy CarterHello, I’m Amy Carter. The first time that I bought the new mattress was amazing and unforgettable. Choosing a new mattress isn’t a light decision, you’re going to spend so much time in this mattress.  It’s longer than you spend in any other home furnishing.  It had better be comfortable.

I got a lot of information from internet, books and surrounding gurus. But it was difficult to decide what would be necessary for me to choose the right one. Sometimes, other’s advice is not suitable for your situation, and you have to choose what is the best for you.

So, I started mattresssizes.info to share my knowledge and experience to those who are having trouble with choosing bedding material, especially mattress and pillow sizes…

The biggest piece of advice that I have?

  • Well, don’t overthink your selection. Choose the mattress that feels the best to you after laying on it for about thirty minutes in your normal sleep position.
  • Pick the most expensive bed that you can afford.
  • Stores will usually negotiate, so try for a great deal.
  • Give your body at least two to three weeks after your purchase to adjust to the new mattress before you decide if you like it or not.

Remember, your purpose is to go mattress shopping to find the most comfortable bed that will offer you the best support.  Don’t spend the time to worry about all the bells, whistles, the coil counts, the foam layers, the reviews, or what other says.  Get what you feel is the best fit for your body, at the possible price.

If you have any questions, concerns or just want to say hi, feel free to contact me

See you!

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