Custom Mattress Buying Guide

The standard sizes available in the market have dimensions which suit the needs of most people. However there could arise certain requirements when you could consider ordering a custom size mattress for yourself. Some possible scenarios are:

  • Mattresses for antique beds
  • Mattresses to suit the needs of certain rooms (small rooms or rooms with narrow width)
  • Special needs: Examples : tall height , old age , patients.
  • Personal preferences

Custom Sizes available

Many stores offer you the option of ordering a custom size mattress. Some stores will make a mattress of any dimension you specify. Other stores would give you a catalog of the custom sizes available with them. Generally all will make a mattress with width ranging from 30 inches to 54 inches and length ranging from 60 inches to 84 inches. If you have needs which  surpass these dimensions then try looking for stores specializing in making custom mattresses.

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Where to buy

You may have to do some scouting to find a good outlet . Try the local mattress store. If they do not make a custom size , consider ordering  through phone companies or online stores . They offer extremely low prices and are a convenient method of ordering a custom made mattress. Make sure to talk to a customer service agent and clarifying any queries before ordering your mattress. Also make sure to ascertain their return policy in case you feel the need to return the mattress.

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