Mattress Myths

It is always wise to empower yourself with knowledge of a product before embarking on a shopping cycle. Salesmen and Stores often take advantage of the lack of knowledge of the consumers and try and persuade them to buy something which in actuality they might not need. Certain myths regarding mattresses that should be aware of are:

The firmer the mattress the better it is:  The best mattress is the one that is most comfortable for you. Medical research at the moment provides no conclusive data to support this claim.

The Coil count is important: Coil count above 390 in a queen sized mattress should be enough .Many mattresses are over designed and serve no purpose in improving the comfort level.

The  higher a mattress is priced the better it is: The high price you pay for a mattress actually to a large extent is the advertising costs incurred by the company. Don’t go for the cheapest mattress and don’t believe any advertising blindly !

If you move in your sleep, the mattress  is to blame: Turning around while sleeping is a natural phenomenon .If your sleep is disturbed in this ,yes then it may be a problem.

• Though there might be a pressure from the salesman to buy both the mattress and the foundation ,remember that including a box spring is not always required.

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