Top 5 Reasons Why not To Buy a Waterbed Mattress!

A Mattress salesman would often coax you to buy a waterbed mattresses ( He gets a hefty commission on this !). Use your neurons and evaluate whether you need a waterbed mattress.

  • Reason 1: Depends on electricity Needless to say, if you electricity provider is not very reliable, and electricity can be absent for more than about 5 hours, then your waterbed temperature may drop.
  • Reason 2: If you have a double mattress, and your partner turns around or gets into or out of bed, then you will feel waves of water. The intensity of these waves depends on the pressure change: the higher her or his weigth, the intenser the waves.
  • Reason 3: Tuning takes time After installation, you need to tune the water level and temperature setting, and remove any air from the mattress. You’ll need to do this by trial-and-error
  • Reason 4: Heavy Once filled with water, it is not possible to move the bed, not even a milimeter.
  • Reason 5: If the above 4 reasons have not convinced you , reason five will…..! Check out what may happen on buying a waterbed at a store.

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How To Sleep Better

A lot of people have trouble sleeping, not that they are insomniacs. You will be surprised to know that such cases are not rare. The truth is that almost every person has trouble in sleeping every once in a while.
Given below are a few tips which will help you sleeping better and most importantly faster..

1. Watching television or working in front of the computer is one of the main reasons for loss of sleep. The intensity of light from TV or a computer monitor is similar to the sunlight and this sometimes fools your brain into thinking that its daylight and not the time to sleep.

2. Drinking milk before sleeping will help you in getting good sleep. Milk has an amino acid t called Tryptophan, Tryptophan is basically an amino acid and essential in human nutrition. It is one of the 20 amino acids in the genetic code. Its been proved that this slows the brain activity thus inducing sleep

3. Always remember to go to bed when you are tired. Just because your wife goes to bed at 9PM doesn’t mean you need to do the same If you are not tired enough, you might as well do some low key work like maybe reading a book.

4. Meditation can greatly improve your sleep. Take deep and long breaths. And relax every muscle. A relaxed mind will go to sleep in no time

5. Exercising is another important thing during the day. Exercising during the day tires your muscles out and makes up for a solid nights sleep.

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How Scientists Sleep in Space

One of the main challenges of the space development program has been giving astronauts the same level of physiological and mental comforts they get back at home. However at 400 km altitude and confined to a small aluminum can this becomes a daunting task.

Generally astronauts zip themselves inside vertical sleeping bags. They leave their arms outside and use a strap that circles the waist. Each sleeping compartment has a light for reading and side panels that can be shut for privacy.

However just like on earth the sleep patterns differ among astronauts. Many astronauts have no trouble sleeping. Approximately 50% of the astronauts complain of sleep disruption patterns.

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Many astronauts, including Canada’s first astronaut Marc Garneau, preferred to sleep “free floating”. He was known to simply curl in the corner and doze off….

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Tips to Take Care of Your Mattress

You would be spending around 1/3 of your life on a mattress! Considering that a mattress can cost anywhere from $700 to about $4000 it is wise to take good care of it to ensure longevity. My mother still uses mattresses over 10 years old ! The secret is to constantly pay attention to certain details. Some handy tips (from my mother !):

Rotating the mattress completely by 180 degrees increases its durability and comfort. This works because a mattress can take the shape of a body when you sit or lie on it. Rotating it completely gives it a complete “new mattress feel”. But make sure you do not do this very often. This should be done once in every 4-6 months .

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  • Do not keep the plastic covering on the mattress once you receive it. It not only makes the sleep uncomfortable but also restricts the mattress from breathing. Get rid of the plastic coverings as soon as you get them.
  • Always use the handles to carry your mattress ands always carry it by its side rather than carrying it flat.
  • Use mattress pads and wash them regularly; they keep the mattress dry and clean. If infants or small children are using the mattress do use mattress padding. You can get them in any mattress store..
  • While using a King or queen size mattress make sure to use an appropriate frame and center support.  This is also important for all your warranty claims.
  • Always remember to replace your foundation each time you buy a new mattress. You may not experience the quality comfort from your new mattress unless you replace the old foundation.
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Custom Mattress Buying Guide

The standard sizes available in the market have dimensions which suit the needs of most people. However there could arise certain requirements when you could consider ordering a custom size mattress for yourself. Some possible scenarios are:

  • Mattresses for antique beds
  • Mattresses to suit the needs of certain rooms (small rooms or rooms with narrow width)
  • Special needs: Examples : tall height , old age , patients.
  • Personal preferences

Custom Sizes available

Many stores offer you the option of ordering a custom size mattress. Some stores will make a mattress of any dimension you specify. Other stores would give you a catalog of the custom sizes available with them. Generally all will make a mattress with width ranging from 30 inches to 54 inches and length ranging from 60 inches to 84 inches. If you have needs which  surpass these dimensions then try looking for stores specializing in making custom mattresses.

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Where to buy

You may have to do some scouting to find a good outlet . Try the local mattress store. If they do not make a custom size , consider ordering  through phone companies or online stores . They offer extremely low prices and are a convenient method of ordering a custom made mattress. Make sure to talk to a customer service agent and clarifying any queries before ordering your mattress. Also make sure to ascertain their return policy in case you feel the need to return the mattress.

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Full Mattress Size

Full mattresses are also known as a double mattress and were the most common sizes till 1960’s.The full size mattress provides the maximum comfort to people up to a height of 5 feet 5 inches.

A recent trend has been buying a full mattress for children bedrooms. This gives children ample space to spread themselves and allows parents to tuck in with their kids during story telling sessions.

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Dimensions: 54 (width) x 75 (length)

Width Per Person: 27 inches

Full Mattress Pros:

  • The small size fits perfectly into smaller rooms & guest rooms.
  • The bedding is also cheaper than other mattress sizes and are available in a variety of patterns.

Full Mattress Cons:

  • Though it is called a double mattress the sleeping space per person is only 27 inches. Comparing it to a twin mattress  it gives 12 inches less space per person.
  • The length of the mattress is also less and is not comfortable for tall people.

Approximate Prices: Online mattress prices for a full mattress range between $600 to $3500.

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Twin Mattress & Twin XL Size

Twin mattresses are also known as ‘singles‘ and  are the ideal choice for children bedrooms and for multi user guest rooms. Their narrow width fits most small rooms.

A variation of the mattress is the  Twin XL mattress which is  5 inches longer  than the  standard twin size  but has the same width . They are commonly used in college dormitories  and hostels to accommodate tall teens and are often used in bunk beds also.


  • Standard twin: 39  (width) x 75  (length)
  • Twin Xl: 39  (width) x 80    (length)

Width Per Person: 39 inches

Twin Mattress Pros:

  • The narrow width  of a twin mattress makes it ideal to move around.
  • Many people join  2 twin mattresses instead of buying a king mattress. A advantage of this technique is that it increases the life of the mattress. Constantly sitting on the edges of the mattress can make it sag over a period of time.  By using a twin mattress the edges facing outside the bed can be rotated for  uniform sagging.

Twin Mattress Cons:

  • Large built people could find the twin mattress size a bit small even for single sleeping.
  • Finding the right bedding size for a twin Xl could be a bit of a problem . Since this size is not very common bedding may not be available in all required patterns.

Approximate Prices: Twin mattress have the lowest cost among mattresses. Online prices range from $400 to about $ 1900.The prices of Twin Xl are slightly more .

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Queen Mattress & Olympic Queen Size

Queen size mattresses are very popular among couples, as there is enough space to twist and turn and sleep well at night. Queen Mattresses also comes in a wider version known as Olympic Queen which is 6 inches wider than the standard version.


  • Queen Mattress :60 inches (width) × 80 inches (length)
  • Olympic Queen   :66 inches (width) × 80 inches (length)

Width Per Person:

Queen Mattress :30 inches & Olympic Queen : 33 inches

Queen Mattress Pros:

  • The cost of bedding is less when compared to a king mattress size.
  • It is the ideal choice for small master bedrooms and guest rooms.

Queen Mattress Cons:

  • Though queen mattress gives ample sleeping space , it might seem a bit congested for overweight or genetically broad built people. The sleeping space is 9 inches less than a twin mattress.
  • Some bedding is sold marked as ‘full/queen’ size but does not fit either of them perfectly. It  is advised to check dimensions before buying.

Approximate Prices:

Online Queen mattress prices for brands such as Serta, Sealy , Simmons range between $450 to $5000.

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Mattress Myths

It is always wise to empower yourself with knowledge of a product before embarking on a shopping cycle. Salesmen and Stores often take advantage of the lack of knowledge of the consumers and try and persuade them to buy something which in actuality they might not need. Certain myths regarding mattresses that should be aware of are:

The firmer the mattress the better it is:  The best mattress is the one that is most comfortable for you. Medical research at the moment provides no conclusive data to support this claim.

The Coil count is important: Coil count above 390 in a queen sized mattress should be enough .Many mattresses are over designed and serve no purpose in improving the comfort level.

The  higher a mattress is priced the better it is: The high price you pay for a mattress actually to a large extent is the advertising costs incurred by the company. Don’t go for the cheapest mattress and don’t believe any advertising blindly !

If you move in your sleep, the mattress  is to blame: Turning around while sleeping is a natural phenomenon .If your sleep is disturbed in this ,yes then it may be a problem.

• Though there might be a pressure from the salesman to buy both the mattress and the foundation ,remember that including a box spring is not always required.

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California King Mattress Size

The California King or Cal King in short is popular along the west coast region and sometimes is also known as Western King. California King is often assumed as the standard King mattress west of Mississippi River .It is 4 inches narrower and 4 inches longer than a standard/Eastern King Mattress. Among mattress dimensions available in the market it has the maximum length and makes an excellent choice for tall people.

Dimensions: 72 inches (Width) x 84 inches (length)
Width Per Person: 36 inches

California King Pros  :

  • A California king is roomy for couples  and at 84 ” length is long enough for people more than 6 feet in height. If length is more important  than width, the California King is a better choice. If the extra length is not required accommodating extra width of a standard  King size mattress is advised.

California King  Cons  :

  • California King is a large mattress  and might be problematic to move around narrow stairs or rooms.
  • If you live in other parts of the country outside the west coast  you might face some problems in getting cal size sheets. Shopping online is a good idea if you do not live on the west coast..

Approximate Prices :
Prices are higher than other mattresses but slightly lower than a king Mattress. Prices vary hugely   according to the thickness , the brand and the comfort level . Online Prices range between $800 for a firm mattress to about  $5200 for a pillow top mattress.

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