Top 5 Reasons Why not To Buy a Waterbed Mattress!

A Mattress salesman would often coax you to buy a waterbed mattresses ( He gets a hefty commission on this !). Use your neurons and evaluate whether you need a waterbed mattress.

  • Reason 1: Depends on electricity Needless to say, if you electricity provider is not very reliable, and electricity can be absent for more than about 5 hours, then your waterbed temperature may drop.
  • Reason 2: If you have a double mattress, and your partner turns around or gets into or out of bed, then you will feel waves of water. The intensity of these waves depends on the pressure change: the higher her or his weigth, the intenser the waves.
  • Reason 3: Tuning takes time After installation, you need to tune the water level and temperature setting, and remove any air from the mattress. You’ll need to do this by trial-and-error
  • Reason 4: Heavy Once filled with water, it is not possible to move the bed, not even a milimeter.
  • Reason 5: If the above 4 reasons have not convinced you , reason five will…..! Check out what may happen on buying a waterbed at a store.

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