All You Need to Know About Using a Waterproof Mattress Protector for Baby

There are a number of good reasons why you would need to have the best mattress topper over your mattress. Though, a mattress protector is different from a mattress pad. While the pad provides extra padding as the name implies, a mattress protector is usually waterproof and thin.

A waterproof mattress protector offers protection for the mattress against spills and helps prolong the lifespan of the mattress. And having a waterproof mattress protector is an essential bedding accessory where you have babies with you. Below are the important benefits of a waterproof mattress protector, its usage options and how you can maintain a mattress protector for long time use.

Benefits of Using a Waterproof Mattress Protector

Benefits of using a waterproof mattress protector
Benefits of using a waterproof mattress protector

It Preserves the Lifespan of the Mattress

You can keep your mattress as new as ever when you have a mattress protector. Apart from spills, your mattress can suffer from the usual wear because of constant contact with heat and exposure to the weather. But with a mattress protector, the mattress will be as new as ever.

Perspiration can really wear down on the mattress, no matter how strong the product is. Prolonged exposure will surely have its toll on the mattress. You can keep the mattress relatively new by protecting it from all these vices. And the best shield is surely a mattress protector.

It Keeps Mattress Clean

This is obviously one of the main reasons why someone will have a mattress protector over their mattress. You cannot be very careful enough not to spill coffee or other forms of liquid on the mattress. To help you protect the mattress from the impacts of these spills, a mattress protector will be needed. Since it is waterproof, it shields the mattress from accidental spills that may be very difficult to wash off. And the mattress protector is very easy to wash.

Most of them come with waterproof casings, which is easy to wipe stains off. They can be hand washed or machine washed. Washing them is very easy. Whenever there is a spill, you can easily pull them off, wash, and dry them. But cleaning your mattress from spills will not be as easy as washing off the spills from the protector. That’s why every mattress needs a protector.

Control of Dust Mites

Control of dust mites
Control of dust mites

Dust mites feed on feed on dead skin cells. Surely, there will be a lot for them on your mattress on a daily basis. We shed millions of these skin cells daily. The effect of the activities of dust mites leads to shortness of breath, wheezing, and sneezing. This can be curtailed when you have a protector over the mattress.

Remember that the mattress is porous and it can be more difficult to get rid of these tiny creatures. But with a waterproof mattress protector, you can significantly reduce their activities. It is easy to remove the protector and dry under the sun or wash if you want.

It Keeps Your Warranty Intact

If your mattress comes with a warranty, certain conditions are usually attached to the warranty. You are going to void the warranty if there are certain levels of stains on the mattress. That alone is a very reason to get a mattress protector.

If your mattress is defective, the company is likely not going to accept it with heavy stains. That means there will be no replacement or service for you. So, you can protect your investment by covering your mattress with a protector. It will prevent stains and keep your mattress as new as ever. This will still keep your warranty valid.

Easy Maintenance

A mattress is an investment you need to maintain, just like other property in your home. If you don’t maintain your mattress, you are more likely going to spend money to get a new one soon. But a quality mattress can last for several years for you if you maintain it properly. When it comes to maintenance, nothing does it better than a mattress protector.

It’s cheaper to replace the mattress protector than having to replace your mattress every now and then. It’s also easier. You can remove the protector at any time and wash. But washing your mattress of cleaning stains from them is not that easy.

There is no doubt that having a waterproof mattress protector will do a lot of good for you. It will keep your mattress always clean and help you deal with dust mite allergies. Moreover, it is easier to wash a mattress protector than having to do so with a mattress. After all, it’s your investment, so you should be doing anything to make it last long for you.

Importance of Having a Comfortable Waterproof Mattress for Your Baby

Importance of having a comfortable waterproof mattress for your baby
Importance of having a comfortable waterproof mattress for your baby

Babies require the best comfort they can ever get because it impacts heavily on their

health and growth. If the mattress is not very comfortable, you too will bear the burden.They will keep waking up more often in the middle of the night. Surely, that’s not what you want.

That is why it’s important to select the best waterproof mattress or make use of a waterproof mattress topper for them. Fortunately, there are very good models you can rely on to provide that extreme level of comfort for your little one.However, you need to make the right choice. The following guide will help you decide correctly the ideal waterproof mattress topper for your baby.


The material is very important because some mattress materials can be quite harmful. Some foam materials give off vapors that may contain dangerous chemicals. They may increase the risk of allergies, asthma, as well as SIDS. And foam materials are the major culprits to these health risks. You can find different kinds of materials that provide a perfect mattress for stomach sleepers and for the side sleepers as well.

Water resistant mattresses usually have double or triple nylon reinforced tickling.With this cover, the mattress is more likely to resist tears. Ventilation is very important for your baby. The best waterproof mattress for babies should have small holes to allow for air circulation both within and around the mattress.

Select a mattress with a lot of vent holes to allow for this benefit. In case if you need to transform the existing mattress you can make use of the best mattress topper with a waterproof covering to offer similar benefits.

When choosing a mattress for your baby, do not settle for foam materials. Instead, select waterproof mattresses made from organic fabric. These have natural fillings in them that don’t have any side effect on babies.

Do not make use of plastic sheets on your mattress. These may lead to breathing difficulty during sleep. Avoid stuff like bumper pads, stuffed toys, comforters, quilts, pillows, and sheepskins around your child’s face. The right type of mattress will provide the right level of comfort you want for your baby.

Breathability and Anti-Microbial Cover

The mattress should have a good air flow within and around. Also, some waterproof mattresses come with features that help reduce diaper accidents, spit-ups, and germs. The cover or layers should be properly sealed and smooth. In case there is a known case of allergy in the family, it will be important to select one that is carefully sealed to keep allergies and dust at bay.

Level of Comfort and Thickness

Kids's mattress shouldn’t be too thick
Kids’s mattress shouldn’t be too thick

Unlike adults, kids do not need too much bedding. Their mattress shouldn’t be too thick. Although it should have some level of thickness to provide comfort, you shouldn’t go overboard with thickness. Instead, settle for a soft and contouring waterproof mattress. Apart from the durability of the mattress, the comfort of your baby should concern you as well.

Level of Firmness

The firmness of most mattresses is regulated. So, you are likely going to see similarities in firmness for most top quality mattresses. Again, mattresses with a lot of coils tend to last longer than those with fewer coils. It takes a lot of time for the coils to break down.

To know the level of a mattresses’ firmness, press your palm down the mattress. If it comes back almost immediately, then you are looking at a firm mattress. But if it conforms to your palm before rising gently, the mattress may be too soft for your baby.

Yes, a soft mattress may be more comfortable for older people, but this is not the case for babies.  It shouldn’t be too firm or too soft. That’s the ideal kind of mattress for babies.

You may not necessarily see an indication of the level of density on most mattresses.

But the weight of the mattress can tell you a lot about its density. The firmness level of the mattress can be linked to the number of coils it has. As a rule, select mattress with at least 130 coils within.

The comfort of your baby should be one of your most important concerns. They spend a major part of their early years while sleeping, so you need to provide the right type of waterproof mattress.

The ideal mattress should be breathable, firm, and comfortable. When you take the above guide into consideration, you will be able to make the right decision when choosing a waterproof mattress for your little one.

Further, when you have a waterproof mattress protector for babies you may need to keep it clean enough and the following tips may help you wash the mattress topper safely and thoroughly.

How to Wash Waterproof Protection Mattress?

Waterproof protection mattresses are important for shielding the mattress against dust mites, depreciation, and spills on the bed. They are necessary to cover that keeps your mattress clean at all times.However, they too can get dirty. For keeping the best mattress topper clean and hygienically perfect, it needs to be cleaned regularly at frequent intervals.

Many of them are designed with vinyl material, which makes them safe to wash by hand or in the machine. But what is the right way to wash a waterproof protection mattress? The following are steps you can take to wash it properly.

Materials You Will Need

  • Bleach-free laundry
  • detergent
  • Tumble dryer
  • Washing machine

Steps Wash Waterproof Protection Mattress

Remove the Material

Take off the protector by unzipping it (if you are using a zipped styled one) or drawing out the sheet from the corners.

Turn on the washing machine and wash the waterproof protection mattress

If the surface of the mattress protector is designed with polyester or bamboo rayon, use the delicate cycle on the washing machine to wash. However, use the normal circle if it’s made from a tougher material like terry cloth or wool.   Make sure you make use of a mild and non-bleach detergent. This will make sure the top material or plastic membrane does not get damaged.

Time to Tumble Dry

Tumble dry the waterproof mattress protector using a low heat setting and take it out from the dryer when the cycle completes. You should take it out immediately to avoid wrinkling the protector. Once you are through, remove the waterproof protection mattress and allow it to dry naturally before placing back on the mattress.

Other Washing Tips

Here are some other things you need to know when washing your waterproof protection mattress:

How Do You Set the Washing Temperature?

If you are considering using a washing machine on the mattress protector, it’s necessary to keep the right temperature. A typical mattress protector has a combination of plastic and fabric material that is easy to clean in a dryer combo or standard washer. But the plastic is prone to breaking apart or deformation when you make use of bleach or harsh detergent.

It could also be a problem when the machine temperature is too high.  So, you need to maintain a moderate temperature when washing a waterproof mattress protector in the machine.

Since there are different materials used in making waterproof protection mattress, the temperature setting will vary. One rule is always to maintain the temperature at a lukewarm level. Do not be tempted to consider washing the protector using high-temperature settings.

This is usually the case for most people who want to remove absorbed fluids or wipe off a bad smell. It is strongly advised not to increase the temperature. It will only reduce the waterproofing capacity, thereby opening up for any liquid to pass through to the mattress.

How to Wash for the First Time

It’s always a good idea to wash the mattress protector first before even making use of it. It’s also recommended by most manufacturers. This is to help remove any manufacturing chemical that is still hanging in the protector. Apart from removing the chemical, it also makes the fabric become softer, which will improve your comfort.

Is It Okay to Dry Clean?

Dry-cleaning your mattress protector is absolutely not necessary. Do not iron or dry-clean the fabric because you are going to damage its waterproof membrane.

How Often Do You Wash the Waterproof Protection Mattress?

You should wash the mattress protector as often as it gets stained
You should wash the mattress protector as often as it gets stained

You should wash the mattress protector as often as it gets stained. But general washing should be done at least once in 10 days. This timeframe may not be the best for everyone. Everything actually depends on how you make use of the protector. With time, you should be able to determine which washing timeframe is convenient for you.


Using a waterproof mattress or a waterproof mattress protector for babies is surely inevitable, and you can benefit from lots of helpful features these bedding essentials have to offer for the health and safety of your babies.

Choosing the best waterproof mattress protector and of course, a comfortable mattress is necessary. In addition to that washing and other maintenance, aspects must not be ignored when you are using such bedding accessories to get the desired results.

Waterproof protection mattress is a great way to prevent spills and dust mite allergies. They are

made from different materials that offer waterproof cover against liquid stains. They help to prolong the lifespan of the mattress. The good news is,washing this material is pretty straightforward and easy. It can be washed in the washing machine with milt temperature settings.

However, it should be noted that most of the materials are an enemy to bleach or harsh detergent. Again, you should not dry-clean the cover or iron it. It will definitely affect its waterproof strength. Overall, occasionally washing the waterproof protection mattress will help you maintain proper hygiene and prolong the lifespan of your mattress.

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