All you need to know about using a waterproof mattress protector for baby

There are a number of good reasons why you would need to have the best mattress topper over your mattress. Though, a mattress protector is different from a mattress pad. While the pad provides extra padding as the name implies, a mattress protector is usually waterproof and thin.

A waterproof mattress protector offers protection for the mattress against spills and helps prolong the lifespan of the mattress. And having a waterproof mattress protector is an essential bedding accessory where you have babies with you. Below are the important benefits of a waterproof mattress protector, its usage options and how you can maintain a mattress protector for long time use.

Benefits of using a waterproof mattress protector

Benefits of using a waterproof mattress protector
Benefits of using a waterproof mattress protector

It preserves the lifespan of the mattress

You can keep your mattress as new as ever when you have a mattress protector. Apart from spills, your mattress can suffer from the usual wear because of constant contact with heat and exposure to the weather. But with a mattress protector, the mattress will be as new as ever.

Perspiration can really wear down on the mattress, no matter how strong the product is. Prolonged exposure will surely have its toll on the mattress. You can keep the mattress relatively new by protecting it from all these vices. And the best shield is surely a mattress protector.

It keeps mattress clean

This is obviously one of the main reasons why someone will have a mattress protector over their mattress. You cannot be very careful enough not to spill coffee or other forms of liquid on the mattress. To help you protect the mattress from the impacts of these spills, a mattress protector will be needed. Since it is waterproof, it shields the mattress from accidental spills that may be very difficult to wash off. And the mattress protector is very easy to wash.

Most of them come with waterproof casings, which is easy to wipe stains off. They can be hand washed or machine washed. Washing them is very easy. Whenever there is a spill, you can easily pull them off, wash, and dry them. But cleaning your mattress from spills will not be as easy as washing off the spills from the protector. That’s why every mattress needs a protector.

Control of dust mites

Control of dust mites
Control of dust mites

Dust mites feed on feed on dead skin cells. Surely, there will be a lot for them on your mattress on a daily basis. We shed millions of these skin cells daily. The effect of the activities of dust mites leads to shortness of breath, wheezing, and sneezing. This can be curtailed when you have a protector over the mattress.

Remember that the mattress is porous and it can be more difficult to get rid of these tiny creatures. But with a waterproof mattress protector, you can significantly reduce their activities. It is easy to remove the protector and dry under the sun or wash if you want.

It keeps your warranty intact

If your mattress comes with a warranty, certain conditions are usually attached to the warranty. You are going to void the warranty if there are certain levels of stains on the mattress. That alone is a very reason to get a mattress protector.

If your mattress is defective, the company is likely not going to accept it with heavy stains. That means there will be no replacement or service for you. So, you can protect your investment by covering your mattress with a protector. It will prevent stains and keep your mattress as new as ever. This will still keep your warranty valid.

Easy maintenance

A mattress is an investment you need to maintain, just like other property in your home. If you don’t maintain your mattress, you are more likely going to spend money to get a new one soon. But a quality mattress can last for several years for you if you maintain it properly. When it comes to maintenance, nothing does it better than a mattress protector.

It’s cheaper to replace the mattress protector than having to replace your mattress every now and then. It’s also easier. You can remove the protector at any time and wash. But washing your mattress of cleaning stains from them is not that easy.

There is no doubt that having a waterproof mattress protector will do a lot of good for you. It will keep your mattress always clean and help you deal with dust mite allergies. Moreover, it is easier to wash a mattress protector than having to do so with a mattress. After all, it’s your investment, so you should be doing anything to make it last long for you.

Importance of having a comfortable waterproof mattress for your baby

Importance of having a comfortable waterproof mattress for your baby
Importance of having a comfortable waterproof mattress for your baby

Babies require the best comfort they can ever get because it impacts heavily on their

health and growth. If the mattress is not very comfortable, you too will bear the burden.They will keep waking up more often in the middle of the night. Surely, that’s not what you want.

That is why it’s important to select the best waterproof mattress or make use of a waterproof mattress topper for them. Fortunately, there are very good models you can rely on to provide that extreme level of comfort for your little one.However, you need to make the right choice. The following guide will help you decide correctly the ideal waterproof mattress topper for your baby.


The material is very important because some mattress materials can be quite harmful. Some foam materials give off vapors that may contain dangerous chemicals. They may increase the risk of allergies, asthma, as well as SIDS. And foam materials are the major culprits to these health risks. You can find different kinds of materials that provide a perfect mattress for stomach sleepers and for the side sleepers as well.

Water resistant mattresses usually have double or triple nylon reinforced tickling.With this cover, the mattress is more likely to resist tears. Ventilation is very important for your baby. The best waterproof mattress for babies should have small holes to allow for air circulation both within and around the mattress.

Select a mattress with a lot of vent holes to allow for this benefit. In case if you need to transform the existing mattress you can make use of the best mattress topper with a waterproof covering to offer similar benefits.

When choosing a mattress for your baby, do not settle for foam materials. Instead, select waterproof mattresses made from organic fabric. These have natural fillings in them that don’t have any side effect on babies.

Do not make use of plastic sheets on your mattress. These may lead to breathing difficulty during sleep. Avoid stuff like bumper pads, stuffed toys, comforters, quilts, pillows, and sheepskins around your child’s face. The right type of mattress will provide the right level of comfort you want for your baby.

Breathability and anti-microbial cover

The mattress should have a good air flow within and around. Also, some waterproof mattresses come with features that help reduce diaper accidents, spit-ups, and germs. The cover or layers should be properly sealed and smooth. In case there is a known case of allergy in the family, it will be important to select one that is carefully sealed to keep allergies and dust at bay.

Level of comfort and thickness

Kids's mattress shouldn’t be too thick
Kids’s mattress shouldn’t be too thick

Unlike adults, kids do not need too much bedding. Their mattress shouldn’t be too thick. Although it should have some level of thickness to provide comfort, you shouldn’t go overboard with thickness. Instead, settle for a soft and contouring waterproof mattress. Apart from the durability of the mattress, the comfort of your baby should concern you as well.

Level of Firmness

The firmness of most mattresses is regulated. So, you are likely going to see similarities in firmness for most top quality mattresses. Again, mattresses with a lot of coils tend to last longer than those with fewer coils. It takes a lot of time for the coils to break down.

To know the level of a mattresses’ firmness, press your palm down the mattress. If it comes back almost immediately, then you are looking at a firm mattress. But if it conforms to your palm before rising gently, the mattress may be too soft for your baby.

Yes, a soft mattress may be more comfortable for older people, but this is not the case for babies.  It shouldn’t be too firm or too soft. That’s the ideal kind of mattress for babies.

You may not necessarily see an indication of the level of density on most mattresses.

But the weight of the mattress can tell you a lot about its density. The firmness level of the mattress can be linked to the number of coils it has. As a rule, select mattress with at least 130 coils within.

The comfort of your baby should be one of your most important concerns. They spend a major part of their early years while sleeping, so you need to provide the right type of waterproof mattress.

The ideal mattress should be breathable, firm, and comfortable. When you take the above guide into consideration, you will be able to make the right decision when choosing a waterproof mattress for your little one.

Further, when you have a waterproof mattress protector for babies you may need to keep it clean enough and the following tips may help you wash the mattress topper safely and thoroughly.

How to Wash Waterproof Protection Mattress?

Waterproof protection mattresses are important for shielding the mattress against dust mites, depreciation, and spills on the bed. They are necessary to cover that keeps your mattress clean at all times.However, they too can get dirty. For keeping the best mattress topper clean and hygienically perfect, it needs to be cleaned regularly at frequent intervals.

Many of them are designed with vinyl material, which makes them safe to wash by hand or in the machine. But what is the right way to wash a waterproof protection mattress? The following are steps you can take to wash it properly.

Materials you will need

  • Bleach-free laundry
  • detergent
  • Tumble dryer
  • Washing machine

Steps Wash Waterproof Protection Mattress

Remove the material

Take off the protector by unzipping it (if you are using a zipped styled one) or drawing out the sheet from the corners.

Turn on the washing machine and wash the waterproof protection mattress

If the surface of the mattress protector is designed with polyester or bamboo rayon, use the delicate cycle on the washing machine to wash. However, use the normal circle if it’s made from a tougher material like terry cloth or wool.   Make sure you make use of a mild and non-bleach detergent. This will make sure the top material or plastic membrane does not get damaged.

Time to tumble dry

Tumble dry the waterproof mattress protector using a low heat setting and take it out from the dryer when the cycle completes. You should take it out immediately to avoid wrinkling the protector. Once you are through, remove the waterproof protection mattress and allow it to dry naturally before placing back on the mattress.

Other washing tips

Here are some other things you need to know when washing your waterproof protection mattress:

How do you set the washing temperature?

If you are considering using a washing machine on the mattress protector, it’s necessary to keep the right temperature. A typical mattress protector has a combination of plastic and fabric material that is easy to clean in a dryer combo or standard washer. But the plastic is prone to breaking apart or deformation when you make use of bleach or harsh detergent.

It could also be a problem when the machine temperature is too high.  So, you need to maintain a moderate temperature when washing a waterproof mattress protector in the machine.

Since there are different materials used in making waterproof protection mattress, the temperature setting will vary. One rule is always to maintain the temperature at a lukewarm level. Do not be tempted to consider washing the protector using high-temperature settings.

This is usually the case for most people who want to remove absorbed fluids or wipe off a bad smell. It is strongly advised not to increase the temperature. It will only reduce the waterproofing capacity, thereby opening up for any liquid to pass through to the mattress.

How to wash for the first time

It’s always a good idea to wash the mattress protector first before even making use of it. It’s also recommended by most manufacturers. This is to help remove any manufacturing chemical that is still hanging in the protector. Apart from removing the chemical, it also makes the fabric become softer, which will improve your comfort.

Is it okay to dry clean?

Dry-cleaning your mattress protector is absolutely not necessary. Do not iron or dry-clean the fabric because you are going to damage its waterproof membrane.

How often do you wash the waterproof protection mattress?

You should wash the mattress protector as often as it gets stained
You should wash the mattress protector as often as it gets stained

You should wash the mattress protector as often as it gets stained. But general washing should be done at least once in 10 days. This timeframe may not be the best for everyone. Everything actually depends on how you make use of the protector. With time, you should be able to determine which washing timeframe is convenient for you.


Using a waterproof mattress or a waterproof mattress protector for babies is surely inevitable, and you can benefit from lots of helpful features these bedding essentials have to offer for the health and safety of your babies.

Choosing the best waterproof mattress protector and of course, a comfortable mattress is necessary. In addition to that washing and other maintenance, aspects must not be ignored when you are using such bedding accessories to get the desired results.

Waterproof protection mattress is a great way to prevent spills and dust mite allergies. They are

made from different materials that offer waterproof cover against liquid stains. They help to prolong the lifespan of the mattress. The good news is,washing this material is pretty straightforward and easy. It can be washed in the washing machine with milt temperature settings.

However, it should be noted that most of the materials are an enemy to bleach or harsh detergent. Again, you should not dry-clean the cover or iron it. It will definitely affect its waterproof strength. Overall, occasionally washing the waterproof protection mattress will help you maintain proper hygiene and prolong the lifespan of your mattress.

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The best solutions on how to get rid of bedbugs naturally

The Best Solutions on How to Get Rid of Bedbugs Naturally

Sleeping time should be the most relaxing and restful time of your day. But if you have a bed bug infestation, this supposedly peaceful event will soon turn into the most disastrous experience you can ever have.

Imagine this:

You are already lying in your bed about to drift away to sleep then suddenly, you get bitten by a bug and the bitten part itches, preventing you from enjoying a good night’s sleep. Does this sound familiar to you?

If this has happened (or is happening to you), then you would surely want to put this torture to a stop. Sadly though, getting rid of bed bugs is not an easy task and oftentimes, the process involves the use of strong and potentially harmful chemicals.

But the good news is, there are lots of ways on how to get rid of bedbugs naturally. If you wish to know what these methods are, you should read this article!

How to Get Rid of Bedbugs Naturally

Contrary to popular belief, there are more natural and less harmful ways on how to get rid of bedbugs. These are as follows:

Wash your bedding.

If you have determined that you have bedbug infestation, the first thing that you should do is to remove all bedding materials (including blankets, pillow cases, curtains, bed sheets, your clothes in your bed).

Wash your bedding
Wash your bedding

Do not go to other parts of your home to prevent further infestation. Place the clothes and other items in a plastic bag. Tightly twist the top part of the bag and tape it up to prevent bugs from escaping. Make sure to set the washing machine to moderate to high setting.

Dry clean the items—don’t wash them as it is only heat that can kill bedbugs. When placing the items in the washing machine, make sure to tip the plastic bag directly to the machine to prevent the bed bugs from falling off. You should then place the now empty plastic bag inside a new bag and twist and seal it up again.

If you haven’t exterminated the bugs in your room just yet and you have done washing your clothes, you should place the clean clothes in clean plastic bags and seal them. Do not put the clothes away not until you are sure that the infestation has already been resolved.

Take advantage of food-grade Diatomaceous Earth.

This is a silica compound that is made up of mini aquatic organisms and is commonly found in the sediments in different bodies of water. This product solves bed bug infestation by piercing through the bugs’ exoskeleton, killing them in the process.

Use an applicator to sprinkle the powder to different areas of your bedroom where the bugs might be hiding (windowsills, around your door frame, behind the appliances, and if possible, electrical outlets).

You can also sprinkle a thin layer of the product into your beddings. Rub it in with your hands (but make sure to wear gloves when you do so).

For more information about this process, please watch this video:

Set up bed bug detectors and traps.

One thing that you should understand about this method is it is not enough to kill and get rid of bedbugs but it can be a great adjunct to other bedbug removal methods in this list. These are just designed to keep the bedbugs at bay.

First off, we have interceptors which are bug traps that are usually placed under the legs of the bed. This prevents the bugs from crawling up to your mattress but in addition to that, you can also use this to determine the extent of infestation in your home or the effectiveness of the removal method that you are using.

If the interceptors are always filled with bedbugs, you can prepare yourself for a massive extermination. If there are little to no bedbugs in the interceptors, it means that you do not need (or no longer need) to worry about bedbugs.

The next bedbug trap is Kairomone Lures which use three factors in attracting bedbugs to its traps. These use heat (similar with the temperature of the body), CO2 (the gas that humans breathe out), and the Kairomone Lure (which copies the odor that the sleeping person emits).

To know how this trap works, watch this video:

Use a bed bug oven.

The bed bug oven can be a significant investment but a lot of people swear on its effectiveness to kill and get rid of bedbugs. It is also the most convenient method of all.

All that you have to do is to place all the infested bedding items in the oven’s treatment chamber. Afterwards, turn the oven on and let it do its magic. The oven consistently produces temperatures ranging from 160 to 180 degrees Fahrenheit which is the temperature needed to kill the bedbugs.

Put steam to good use.

Steam can kill bedbugs, no matter what stage in their life cycle they are. But when it comes to using steam against bedbugs, you should make sue of a commercial steam cleaner rather than a carpet cleaning machine. This is because it is only the former that can be able to reach 160 to 180 degrees Fahrenheit which is the right temperature to kill bedbugs.

When using steam, make sure to use the right nozzle for the steamer. Move the steamer wand at a right pace to ensure that you can deliver the heat to the needed surfaces. It is recommended that you use either a laser or infrared thermometer to ensure that the temperature is not too low nor too high. Make sure to steam clean all surfaces in your room including your bed frame, mattress, curtains, hard floors and carpets.

Scare off bedbugs with Lavender Oil.

We all love the scent of lavender but the surprising (and fortunate) thing is, bedbugs don’t like its scent. Moreover, there are substances in lavender that can kill these bugs.

You can use this oil by adding a few drops of it in a cup of water and place it in a spray bottle and spraying it onto your affected sleeping area.

Follow it up with Tea Tree Oil.

Same with lavender oil, tea tree oil contains certain elements that can break down cellular layers of the bugs, killing them in the process. This is the reason why tea tree oil spray is widely used in getting rid of bedbugs all over the world.

To make the spray, add 2 teaspoons of the oil to 50 ml of water. Place the resulting mixture in a spray container and mix it well. Spray the mixture generously to the affected areas in your bedroom. Do this daily until you have completely eliminated the bugs.

When handling this oil, you should carry out extra precautions as swelling and inflammation may occur when your skin comes in contact with large concentrations of this oil.

Utilize a portable heat chamber.

Subjecting bedbugs to temperatures as high as 114 degrees Fahrenheit can kill them. There are three ways on how this can be done.

One of the easiest ways to apply heat to bedbugs is with the use of a hair dryer. Place your hair dryer on the highest possible setting then focus the hair dryer on the affected part for 10 seconds. Make sure that you apply enough heat to each spot.

One of the easiest ways to apply heat to bedbugs is with the use of a hair dryer
One of the easiest ways to apply heat to bedbugs is with the use of a hair dryer

You can use this method in treating the seams of your mattress and the surface of the wallboards and around the headboard.

The second method is to make use of a portable heat chamber. Buy one and place all heat resistant bedding items like linens and mattresses. Turn the chamber on and let the beddings sit there for a few minutes and let the bed bugs be eliminated.

The third and last method is to make use of thermal mediation. This method is suitable for dealing with large bedbug infestation. This equipment can heat up an entire room or home to the temperature needed to kill the bedbugs. You can purchase this equipment and do the process on your own or hire a thermal remediation company to do the job.

Freeze the bugs.

It is true that freezing bedbugs can kill them. But to do this, you will have to subject the bugs at a very low temperature for at least 4 days. There are two ways on how to do this.

First, you can enlist the help of a professional who can perform carbon dioxide freezing process. This process is completely safe and non-toxic.

Second, you can try placing the infested bedding materials in your freezer that is set to 0 degrees. You should monitor the temperature of the beddings with the use of a remote thermometer. Start counting the days when the center of the bedding is already at 0 degrees.

Try baking soda.

Most probably, you have a baking soda in your pantry to refrigerator. Well, you should take it out and put it to good use. Baking soda works like diatomaceous earth in the sense that they suck the moisture out of the bedbugs, drying them out and killing them.

To use this home remedy, simply spread a thin layer of baking soda in the infested areas of your home—walls, beds, doorways and tight corners. Let the baking soda sit for a week. Afterwards, vacuum it off.

Spray lemongrass in your bedroom.

This natural solution uses lemongrass which has strong odor to repel bedbugs. But more than that, the components of this home remedy can kill off bedbugs by increasing their acidity levels. It also prevents their eggs from hatching and prevent bug infestations in the future.

Spray lemongrass in your bedroom
Spray lemongrass in your bedroom

You can purchase a lemongrass spray in stores or you can make a homemade lemongrass spray on your own.

Place dryer sheets in your mattress.

Should you decide in employing this technique, one thing to keep in mind is that the strong smell of dryer sheets can only drive bedbugs away and not completely kill them.

To use this, put 10 dryer sheets underneath your mattress. You should also try placing dryer sheets in your pillow cases, linen closet, and dresser drawers.

As mentioned, bedbugs hate the smell of lavender so you may want to buy lavender scented dryer sheets for best results.

Invest in non-permeable bedding.

Bedbugs often hide in the crevices of your bed. If you want them to go away, remove the places where they love to hide in. A non-permeable mattress does not have any crannies or seams where bedbugs can stay in. Moreover, this type of bedding is also easier to wash, making it more convenient for you to protect your beddings from possible bedbug infestation.

In addition to mattress, you may also wish to invest in non-permeable pillow covers.

Use dried mint leaves to your advantage.

One more thing that bed bugs hate most in the world is the smell of mint leaves. If you wish to get rid of bedbugs and prevent them from coming back, it is strongly suggested that you place sachets of dried mint leaves in your mattress, linen closets and under your pillows.

Other areas that might need protection include the tight corners of your couch and the tight and dark areas in your home.

Tape your bed frame.

Do you have duct tape in your home? I am pretty sure you do. Well, you can use a tape to get rid of the bed bugs that vacuuming may leave at your bed frame. Apply the sticky side of the tape against your bed frame in order to pick up the remaining bed bugs in your bed.

You can use a tape to get rid of the bed bugs that vacuuming may leave at your bed frame
You can use a tape to get rid of the bed bugs that vacuuming may leave at your bed frame

Another thing that you should try is to wrap the duct tape around the bed frame with the sticky side sticking out in order to trap the bed bugs as they exit or enter your bed.

Final Words

Getting rid of bedbugs requires prompt response but it does not need harmful pesticides or harsh chemicals. No matter how much of a nuisance they are, you have to understand the fact that you do not have to carry out extreme precautionary measures just to get rid of these pests.

Just put into practice the different solutions on how to get rid of bedbugs naturally that we have mentioned so you can enjoy good and relaxing sleep in the healthiest way possible.

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The Most Important Mattress Size Chart Details are Right Here!

When choosing a mattress for your bedroom, you will discover that one of the most important considerations that you have is the mattress size.

Before you go on mattress hunting, you would think that picking the right mattress size will be a walk in the park. But once you get started on choosing your mattress, you will be overwhelmed with the many options that you have. In fact, there are so many options that you may be tempted to choose just about any size that will come your way.

Well, don’t. Did you know that buying the wrong bed size has its consequences? That’s true. In fact, here are some of them:

  • Going over budget and wasting precious hard-earned money.
  • Suffering from lack of sleep or poor quality sleep.
  • Not having enough room space.
  • Not have enough bed space for all intended sleepers.

You would not want to suffer from all of these, do you? Yep, I think so. Because of this, you need to exert time and effort in choosing the right mattress size.

There is no need for you to worry about that. After all, we already have compiled all the information that you need in this article. What are you waiting for? Read on and let’s get started!

The Most Comprehensive Mattress Size Chart You Can Ever Read

Since we are dealing with mattress size, we might as well start with a short yet informative mattress size chart, right? If you want to understand mattress sizes in the simplest way possible, then you should take a look at this chart.

Mattress Size
Size (in inches)
Recommended for
27 x 52 inches
Small Single
30 x 75 inches
38 x 75 inches
Toddlers who have outgrown the small single mattress and single adults
Twin XL
38 x 80 inches
Taller kids and adults
54 x 75 inches
Adult combination sleepers or single people who have extra space in their rooms
60 x 80 inches
Two adults or one heavy sleeper
Olympic Queen
66 x 80 inches
Two tall adults who have a bit of space to bear but do not want to upgrade all the way to King
76 x 80 inches
Two adults sharing the bed with young children or pets
California King
72 x 84 inches
Two tall people or one tall combination sleeper

If you wish to know the mattress sizes in detail, then I suggest that you continue reading this article. After all, it is jam-packed with all the necessary information you need to find the right size of your mattress for your needs.

A Closer Look at The Different Mattress Sizes

Now that we have the basics covered, let us dig deeper about the different mattress sizes available in the market:

  • Crib

This mattress size is perfect for your baby’s first bed. If you are worried that the mattress might not fit the crib that you have bought, there’s nothing that you should worry. The dimensions depicted in the table are considered to be standard across the US, so it will fit the standard size of cribs (unless of course, the size of your crib is not standard).

What you would notice about crib mattresses is that they are firmer than most adult mattresses to prevent SIDS (Sudden Infant Death Syndrome). When looking for a crib mattress, you may also want to go for a lightweight one so you can easily remove it from the crib in case of spills.

  • Small Single

Not all US mattress brands offer this size because it is a UK standard bed size, but this is worth mentioning in this guide simply because it is the mattress size of choice for taller toddlers and bigger babies.

This is also the bed size of choice of parents who are trying to save space in a small room or for toddlers who are now ready to transition from a crib to a cot bed.

  • Twin

Also known as the single mattress size, it is the most common size of the mattress being used by toddlers during their entire childhood. In fact, they may even use this up to their teenage years, except of course, when growth spurts take place.

The mattress’ slim size makes it easy for the users to fit two mattresses side-by-side for a shared kid’s bedroom. This is also the go-to size for bunk beds.

Since this is the next bed size for toddlers, it is recommended that you attach safety rails on the side of this mattress to prevent your child from falling or rolling off the bed.

If you have a smaller guest bedroom, this is the perfect size for a day bed. You can also easily incorporate this bed size in odd-shaped bedrooms or spaces.

If you want to accommodate more than one kid in a bed but you do not want to shell out money for a queen or full-size mattress, your next best option is to buy foam bridge pads so you can attach two Twin beds together. The resulting size is suitable for two kids but is not recommended for an adult because its length won’t be enough.

  • Twin XL

This is also known as Single XL and has the same width as that of the Twin size but is considered to be 5 inches longer, so it has the same length as that of Queen or Full mattresses.

Because of its length, this mattress is perfect for adults who are trying to save space in a narrow room. That is why you would most commonly see this mattress size being used in college dorm rooms.

Twin XL mattress is perfect for adults who are trying to save space in a narrow room
Twin XL mattress is perfect for adults who are trying to save space in a narrow room

If your kid’s room is large, you may want to invest in this mattress size instead of the Twin as your child can be able to use it even during his growing years.

  • Full

You may also hear some people call this mattress size double bed but don’t be confused. This mattress size has the same length of Twin but does not have twice the width of a Single mattress.

A Full size mattress is not recommended for accommodating two people. Instead, it is the best size for single adults who want to enjoy extra width and has lots of space to spare in his room.

If you usually sleep with your child or a pet, you can truly benefit from the extra width that this size offers.

Young graduates would also appreciate both the mattress’ affordability and size.

So once again, you should remember the Full or double size is not for two people—but for a single adult with a pet or child and have lots of space and a bit of money to spare.

  • Queen

According to statistics, this is the most common mattress size in the US right now. That is totally understandable given the fact that this mattress provides couples enough space to move around, but at the same time, it still fits a standard sized master’s bedroom.

If you and your partner love to sleep close together, there is no doubt that this is the mattress size for you. But with its price point, this mattress can be quite versatile. It is also perfect for adults who want to enjoy the luxury of space or for people who sleep with two kids or a large pet.

Since the queen size is the most popular mattress size of all, you can enjoy the advantage of choosing from a wide array of choices—from the materials, styles, and price points. You are also provided with an excellent opportunity to choose from a diverse range of beddings and accessories.

  • Olympic Queen

Six inches wider than the Queen, this mattress offers a size that goes in between the size of the King and the Queen. Because of this, it is the perfect option for couples who still want to enjoy their individual spaces when they sleep but do not have space or money to buy a King size mattress.

However, this mattress size is not as common as the queen size. Because of this, you may experience some difficulties in choosing bedding accessories and covers for this mattress.

  • King

This mattress size is called King mainly because people believe that it is fit for a king and that does not come as a surprise considering that it gives you the width of two Twins, perfect for a couple who likes to stretch it out. It is also a good choice for couples who usually sleep with a small kid or pet.

However, there are three things that you need first to consider before you invest in a King size mattress—budget, room size, and the moving and assembly process.

Since it offers the luxury of space, you can expect this mattress to be a bit expensive, so it may not be suitable for people with a tight budget.

Because of its dimensions, King mattress size may be a bit too big for standard sizes of Master’s bedrooms. That is why it is vital that you measure your bedroom first before making a decision.

Lastly, the King mattress size may not also fit in the stairs. It is also heavier than the Queen mattress and may require more people to carry it up the stairs. To make the assembly and moving process as easy as possible, it would be best that you buy from a company which offers delivery services. You may also want to look for mattresses that can be easily folded or rolled so you can easily carry it up the stairs.

For more questions about the King mattress size, please watch this video:

  • California King

One thing you should understand about this mattress size is that it is the longest mattress of all, but it is not the widest (that is the King mattress size). This mattress is designed not to offer a luxury of space to the user. It is engineered to accommodate the height of taller sleepers.

If your feet have always hung off the edge of your mattress when you sleep, this mattress size can help solve your problem. While it is considered to be narrower than the King mattress size, it can still offer you more space than the Queen size.

This is also the go-to mattress size for rooms that are longer than they are wide. The difference in its width makes the California King a perfect fit for most regular rooms which are not able to accommodate the width of a King mattress size.

If you are confused as to which mattress size you should choose—King or California King, it is advised that you consider your bedroom size, the size, and placement of your bedroom furniture and the way that you want to maneuver the mattress.

A Guide on Choosing You Mattress Size

Now that you know all the critical information about the different mattress sizes available in the market, you may already think that you are ready to buy a mattress. But wait, you may wish to consider these few factors before you make the decision:

  • Number of Sleepers

Before purchasing a mattress, you need to determine if you will be sleeping on the bed alone or with a partner. In addition to that, you also need to know the size and length of the other person who will sleep on the bed.

For single sleepers, the suitable mattress sizes are Twin, Twin XL, and Full. For two sleepers, the most recommend mattress sizes are Queen, King, and California King.

In general, Twin and Twin XL are less wider than Full mattresses. If you do not need too much space, Twin and Twin XL sizes will do while the Full sized mattress is recommended for people who toss and turn around at night.

For couples who do not mind sleeping too close together, the Queen size would suffice. But if you prefer to have more space, California King or King sizes are recommended.

  • Body Type

If you have standard height or weight, any mattress size will do. But for people with larger bodies, you need to consider the width of the mattress. The best options that you have are either a Queen or Twin.

If you are taller than most people, then you need to factor in the length of the mattress. For people who are less than 6 feet, twin or full mattress is recommended. If you are 6 feet and 7 inches tall, the best mattress size for you would be either Queen or King. On the other hand, the California King Size is perfect for people who are 6 feet and 11 inches (or less) tall.

  • Children and Pets

Aside from your partner, are there other people or pets who would be sharing the bed with you? If you are sleeping with one small child, go for Queen or Twin size. If there were an older child or two small children with you in the bed, it would be wiser if you will invest in a Full size mattress.

If you share the bed with one adult and another children or pet, you may need to shell out money for the King or California King size mattress.

  • Sleeping Position

How do you sleep at night? You have to make sure that the mattress size that you will choose can accommodate all the movements that you will make throughout the night.

If you are a single person who sleeps on your stomach or back, the best sizes would be Twin XL. If you sleep on your side, the Twin size would be enough for you. But if you are a combination sleeper (you toss and turn at night), Full size mattress is most recommended.

Make sure that the mattress size can accommodate all the movements
Make sure that the mattress size can accommodate all the movements

If you are sharing the bed with another person, you have to take into consideration their sleeping positions too. If anyone of you is a combination sleeper, go for the broadest mattress size available.

  • Bedroom Space

A mattress, regardless of its size, will take up significant space in your room. Because of this, it is essential to make sure that the mattress you will buy will not make your room feel crowded. To ensure that, here is a simple guideline on square footage measurements for different mattress sizes:

– Twin Mattress is recommended for a room measuring 2,925 sq. inch or 20.3 sq. ft.

– Twin XL Mattress is recommended for a room measuring 3,120 sq. inch or 21.7 sq. ft.

– Full Mattress is recommended for a room measuring 4,050 sq. inch or 28.1 sq. ft.

– Queen Mattress is recommended for a room measuring 4,800 sq. inch or 33.3 sq. ft.

– King Mattress is recommended for a room measuring 6,080 sq. inch or 42.2 sq. ft.

– California King Mattress is recommended for a room measuring 6,048 sq. inch or 42 sq. ft.

In addition to the mattress size, you need to consider the mattress and bed height as well. If you have a low ceiling or lighting fixtures, avoid beds that are too high.

  • Age

If you are looking for a child’s mattress, this is one important thing to consider. If your child is 18 months old or younger, the crib or cot size is recommended. But if he is already older than 18 months or taller than his age, the Small single (or Toddler) size is more suitable.

  • Budget

Prices of mattress may vary depending on its size. The broader or bigger the bed is, the more expensive it is. But in addition to that simple fact, you should also remember that the price-points of each size may also vary depending on the brand. Because of this, you should make it a point to compare the price of the different sizes and brands of mattresses.

More Mattress Buying Tips You Need to Know

We are now done with the theoretical part of finding the right mattress size; it is about time that we discover its practical side. With that in mind, here are other mattress size tips that you should know about:

  • Get the actual dimensions of the bedroom.

For this activity, you would need a tape measure. You will use this to measure the width and length of your room. As you do this, it is also best that you define the length of the wall where you plan to set your bed against. In this way, you can determine the needed dimensions for the potential bed space.

When choosing an area where you can prop your bed against, you have to make sure that you won’t be blocking any windows, built-in fixtures, and doorframes. You should also take into consideration the clearance required for your door (if it swings into your room).

For a more detailed guide, please watch this video:

  • Imagine how different bed sizes will look in your room.

The mattress size chart we have provided already gives you the exact dimensions of each mattress size. You can use these dimensions to imagine how much space the bed will take up.

Following these dimensions, block off that space in the intended bed space inside the room. You can do this by tracing the bed using painter’s tape. If you do not have one, you can simply mark the corners of the imaginary bed using four water bottles.

If you have not decided which mattress size to use yet, you can try incorporating your three options into your room.

  • Consider the size and placement of the furniture that you will purchase (or have already bought).

Get the dimensions of these fixtures and plot its placement in your empty room using painter’s tape.

  • Imagine how you will move around the bedroom.

Considering these dimensions and placement, try to imagine how it will be like when you go through the motions of your daily life (get ready for the day, open your closet, sit on your dresser, read or stretch). You may also like to walk around the remaining space in your room.

After doing that, evaluate the entire bedroom space and ask yourself the following questions:

– Does the area feel cramped?

– Did you think that the bed consumed too much space inside the room?

– Do you still have enough space to walk comfortably around the room?

– Is there enough space for your nightstand and dressers to open?

– Do all doors(bedroom door, door to closet or bathroom) in your bedroom open freely?

– Can you open or clean your windows without any blockage?

– Is any of your bedroom furniture blocking your heat and air conditioning systems?

Answering these questions will help you decide which mattress size suits your room size the best.

  • Take advantage of existing apps and websites.

You can now find programs and websites that will allow you to create a graphical model of your bedroom. All you have to do is input the dimensions of your room, mattress and bedroom fixtures.

After doing that, you can already play around with the layout of your bedroom. With the use of that program, it will be easier for you to visualize how your room will look like.

Take advantage of existing apps and websites
Take advantage of existing apps and websites

Mattress Size FAQ’s

Do you have more questions about mattress sizes? We bet you do! Well, we come prepared! We have researched the answers to the most frequently asked questions about this topic. You can see them below!

  • Which is the best mattress size?

There is no straightforward answer to this. There is no exact best size. This is because the best size would depend on your personal requirements and you can determine which size is that by considering the factors mentioned above.

  • How can the mattress size affect your marriage?

To have a happy and healthy marriage, your sleeping experience should be enjoyable and comfortable. Now, this does not mean that you should sleep on the widest and biggest mattress available. Instead, you need to think of the way you and your partner sleep.

If you and your partner enjoy sleeping close with each other, a smaller mattress is recommended but if you wish to have enough space to move around, go for the larger mattress.

In addition to size, you should also look for mattresses that have reduced motion transfer features. This feature is designed to prevent you from feeling the movements of your partner at night.

  • What if the California King size is still too small for me?

Sad to say, California King size is already the largest and widest mattress size available in the market. If this mattress size is still not suitable for you, you have no other choice but to have a mattress customized for your size.

  • Are two Twin mattresses as big as one King mattress?

Many people believe that the size of one King mattress is equivalent to two Twin mattresses, but the truth is, these sizes are not comparable to each other. While two Twin mattresses have the same width as one King mattress, these lack length by 5 inches.

If you want to achieve the size and width of the King mattress using two mattresses, the best option that you have is to use two Twin XL mattresses.

  • Size of the mattress aside, how thick should a mattress be?

The thickness of the mattress can determine how comfortable it can be. According to experts, a comfortable mattress is at least 11 inches thick. But if you have money to spare, you can go for luxury mattresses that are usually 15 inches thick.

  • What is the widest mattress size?

With a height of 76 inches, King is the widest mattress size.

  • What is the longest mattress size?

With a length of 84 inches, California King is the longest mattress size.

  • Are the listed mattress dimensions 100% accurate?

The published mattress dimensions are collected by using a tape measure to determine the length and width of the mattress. However, the actual dimensions may vary to permit the right fit of linens and covers.

You wish to know the mattress sizes in detail
You wish to know the mattress sizes in detail

The height of a mattress may also vary because of the pre-compression of the raw materials used.

  • Are mattress sizes universal?

We believe not. The dimensions of a mattress size may vary depending on the country that you are in. The dimensions provided in our comparison table are that of the American Mattress sizing guidelines.


Finding the right mattress size is not an easy feat, but it is not at all impossible. With the right knowledge and tips, there is no doubt that you would be able to achieve this goal.

Lucky for you, this mattress size chart guide already has all the pertinent information that you need. We hope that through this information, you will be able to find the perfect mattress size for your needs!

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Best Mattress Topper For Side Sleepers Reviews – 2019 Top Picks & Recommendations

If you sleep on your side often, chances are that you have awakened in the morning with back pain, side pain or neck stiffness. The reasons for this are simple—you don’t have the best mattress topper for side sleepers.

Side sleeping requires some support. After all, you need to keep your spine in proper alignment, while keeping your neck straight.

Failing to do this can result in a variety of health problems. Some of the most commonly reported of these include back pain, hip pain, stiffness in the neck or spine and numbness in the limbs.

If these conditions are not treated, they can become chronic. Of course, this is not something you want.

However, finding proper bed pads or mattress toppers can significantly improve your health as they properly support your body. Furthermore, having a mattress topper can ensure you have a better night’s sleep.

Imagine waking up from a night of dreamless, refreshing sleep to find that you are not stiff and your back doesn’t hurt. Isn’t that something worth dreaming about?

Now you don’t have to dream. By the time you finish reading this article, you will know what mattress toppers are, the health and comfort benefits of having one and how to pick one for yourself.

At that point, if you’re still confused, just keep reading. We will end the article with reviews of the best mattress pads on the market for 2019.

What are Bed Toppers?

bed toppers

Just as it sounds, a bed pad is a pad that you put on top of your mattress. They serve several functions.

Firstly, a good mattress topper can keep you comfortable at night. They can provide support or cushioning. Mattress toppers are also great for your back.They will cradle and support your spine, hips, and other painful pressure points.

Finally, a mattress pad that contains wool or other moisture-wicking fabrics is great for hot weather. The moisture-wicking and temperature-regulating materials carry away your body heat as well as any moisture and keep you cool all night, so that you wake up refreshed.

Mattress Protectors vs Mattress Toppers

Before we dive into the interesting world of bed pads, it is important to discuss the difference between mattress protectors and mattress toppers.

Mattress protectors are thin, quilted sheets. These are usually made of cotton, and they don’t generally provide much in the way of comfort.

These protectors, as their name implies, are mainly for protecting your mattress from wear, as well as spills, allergens and dust mites.

Mattress toppers, on the other hand, tend to be thicker. They also tend to have comfort features added, such as moisture wicking fabric, heat transferring gel or memory foam to ease your aches and pains.

It is recommended that you get both a mattress topper and a pad. Put the topper on the mattress.

Put the mattress protector on top, and finish it all off with your favorite sheets. The mattress pad will not only protect your new topper, saving your investment, but it will also hold everything in place.

Who Needs a Mattress Topper?

Needs a Mattress Topper


Everyone can benefit from the use of a high-quality bed topper. However, there are some groups in particular that will appreciate this inexpensive luxury.

Hip Pain

If you have hip pain, you know how hard it can be to get comfortable at night. You spend the entire time you should be sleeping tossing and turning, and you wake up in the morning feeling like you’ve been run over by a train.A memory foam mattress topper could eliminate this problem. These toppers contour to the shape of your body, cradling you and ensuring proper hip placement and relief of pressure points.

You will no longer have to fuss with extra pillows just to get your legs into position.

Overweight People

A topper can also benefit full-figured people. These individuals can have a lot of trouble sleeping, because the springs in a mattress can create uncomfortable pressure points on their back or sides.

A mattress pad placed between you and the mattress can cushion these pressure points. This can make them a must-have for heavy person.

For Bed sores

Some people cannot get out of bed or change positions due to medical conditions or recent surgeries. These people can find themselves developing bed sores.

Bed sores are also known as pressure ulcers. They occur when there is constant pressure on one part of the body, generally a bony part such as the tail bone, heels or ankles.

A gel or foam mattress pad can alleviate the pressure, stopping these ulcers from developing and provide relief for bed sores that are already there.

For Elderly People

As you get older, you may notice your skin thinning. You also may begin to lose weight.

This can make your bed an absolute torture chamber. The springs that once seemed like they were nicely buried begin to poke you in uncomfortable places, and you spend the whole night awake and tossing.

You wake up in the morning completely stiff. If you have arthritis, it only gets worse.

A mattress pad could greatly improve this situation. Memory foam mattress pads will not only support your body in the proper alignment for optimum health but they can also ensure that you do not wake up stiff and sore. Feather toppers, on the other hand, allow you to have the luxurious softness of sleeping on a cloud.

For Herniated Discs

Mattress toppers are good for herniated disc sufferers. The proper topper can alleviate the lower back pain.

After back surgery, you will be required to sleep on your stomach or side. Bed toppers provide support for both these sleeping positions.

Aging Mattress

Is your mattress past its prime? If so, it’s time for a mattress topper.

No, the topper won’t return your mattress to its glory days. It will, however, make your mattress more comfortable.

This can allow you to get an extra year or two out of your aging mattress before you have to get a new one.

Buying Guide

So, you have decided you definitely need a mattress topper for your bed. As with any product you want to buy, it is important to ask yourself some questions before you commit to a purchase. After all, it would be tragic to spend money on mattress protection that isn’t right for your needs.

Why Do You Need a Mattress Topper?

Before you go out shopping, you must ask yourself why you need a topper at all. There are several types of toppers out there, and each performs a different function.

For example, if you simply want to add cushioning to a mattress that is too firm, you will want a thick, soft mattress cover.

However, if your goal is to ease pain, you will do better with high-density latex or memory foam as these tend to add extra joint support.

These toppers are also good for back pain.

If you have a sleeping partner who has a different firmness preference than you, and you have a king bed, you could buy two extra long twin toppers, which will give you each the firmness you like. However, if your bed is a queen or a full but still want custom firmness, you’ll have to buy two toppers and cut them in half.This works best on foam toppers. Never cut feather or polyester blend toppers.

What’s the Best Type of Mattress Topper?

Mattress toppers are made of a variety of materials. Each offers a different sleeping experience.


Latex is the first material that mattress toppers can be made from. It is a great topper for neck and back pain suffers, but it is not for everyone.

Here is a list of pros and cons so you can decide if this rubber derivative is right for you.


  •  Latex is antimicrobial and nonallergenic. (Unless you have a latex allergy.)
  • Latex is usually firmer than memory foam, and bouncier as well. This makes it excellent for people with joint pain.
  • Though there are both natural and synthetic latex on the market, natural latex is more durable.
  • It doesn’t transmit motion. No longer will your partner wake you up at night with their tossing and turning.


  • Natural latex is expensive.
  • When you buy a latex mattress topper, you may have to contend with a rubbery smell, at least for a while.
  • If you are someone who gets hot during the night, latex may not be right for you. You might find yourself waking up covered in sweat.
  • For some people, latex is much too firm.
  • Some people may also have a problem with the bouncy feel of latex.
  • If you have latex allergies, obviously this is not the right topper for you.

Memory Foam

The next material used in mattress toppers is memory foam. This tends to be a bit less firm and bouncy than latex.

This makes it an excellent mattress topper for those with upper back pain. However, there are other pros and cons.


  • Memory foam is soft and comfortable.
  • It reduces pressure on your aching, arthritic joints.
  • Memory foam adds considerable comfort to aging mattresses.
  • Like latex, it also reduces motion from a restless partner.


  • Like latex, memory foam can be hot.
  • Memory foam is not easy to turn over on. Prepare to have to fight to roll over.
  • It is expensive.
  • It gives off an unpleasant odor when it’s new.

Polyester Blends

Do you like the feel of feathers? Do you not want a feather topper for one reason or another?

Polyester blend toppers are a great substitute for people who want the feel of feathers without the noise and other problems.


  • These toppers are some of the least expensive.
  • There is no foul odor to contend with.
  • They provide a bit of softness.


  • Sadly, a polyester blend topper doesn’t provide too much support or cushioning.
  • Like latex and memory foam, they can be hot.
  • They can lump up over time, as the polyester fibers settle to one end.
  • Polyester blend toppers tend to compress with use, meaning that they get harder over time.

Feather Toppers

Feather toppers, also called feather beds, are the fourth type of topper. They are luxuriously soft, but they don’t provide much support.

Make sure you’re not allergic to feathers before buying one of these toppers.


  • They’re luxuriously soft.
  • Feather toppers are less expensive than memory foam or latex.
  • These toppers do not tend to retain heat.
  • They don’t hinder turning over.


  • Feather shafts sometimes poke you as they worm their way out of the fabric.
  • Feathers are the noisiest type of topper since you get both the fuzzy part of the feather as well as the shaft.
  • Feathers compress over time, meaning you’ll have to take your topper off the bed and shake it.


Wool is the final topper material, and it has some advantages the other materials do not.


  • Wool mattress toppers are soft and comfortable.
  • Because they are made from an animal’s actual coat, they are apt to be warm in winter and cool in summer.
  • Wool will not keep you from rolling over in bed.
  • These toppers tend to be really durable.
  • For most people, wool is antimicrobial and hypoallergenic.


  • Wool can be quite hard to find.
  • Much like memory foam and latex, wool can be quite expensive.
  • when a wool topper is new, it can give off a mild odor of sheep.

A Bit More About Firmness

Now that you know a bit more about the types of topper choices out there, let’s talk about firmness. Feathers, polyester blends and wool are all relatively soft. If your mattress is already firm, these may be good choices.

If you plan on getting a latex topper, either natural or synthetic, the firmness is likely to be spelled out for you. However, with memory foam, that is not the case. The density of the foam will dictate the firmness of the topper while the thickness dictates how supportive it will be.

The average thickness of toppers is around two inches. However, you can find thicker ones.

You also need to keep an eye on foam density if possible. Three pound foam is soft.

Four pound is medium, and five is firm.

Therefore, if you are a large person, you likely will need a mattress topper that is at least four inches thick and four or five pounds.

What Are Your Allergies?

Before buying a mattress topper, consider your allergies. If you are allergic to dust, avoid feathers and their derivatives, as they can harbor dust mites.

Wool toppers are some of the best ones for allergy sufferers, though contact with wool can cause skin irritation.


A small note for those of you who get overheated at night. If you are going with a memory foam topper, find one that has a cotton blend cover, or can give you one for an additional fee.

The cotton cover will improve air flow as it is more breathable. The breathability is what keeps you cool.

There are also memory foam mattresses which incorporate a cooling gel technology.

What is your budget?

Mattress toppers come in a variety of price points. That’s right. Cheap mattress protection can be bought for under $50.

However, if you want something truly comfortable, or if you have a mattress that is larger than a twin, you’ll need to spend a bit more.

Don’t let that scare you. You do not have to drop $300 on a great mattress topper.

You simply need to keep your budget in mind when choosing your bed pad.

Best Mattress Topper for Side Sleepers Reviews

Now you know how to buy a mattress topper. However, there are so many different types of fabrics and materials that you might be confused.

For that reason, we included reviews for the top seven mattress toppers on the market today.

Dream Foam Gel Swirl Memory Foam Topper

This two-inch-thick topper will help restore your aging mattress. It is made of soft visco-elastic memory foam.

These toppers are made in the US, with certified Certi-PUR-us foam. What does that mean for you as a consumer?

Certi-PUR-US foam is made without ozone depleters and other harsh chemicals. This foam is also flame-retardant.

As a bonus, for those of you who sleep on sofa beds, this mattress topper is easily folded into the sofa. No longer will you have to sleep on a sofa bed without a mattress protector.

This topper sleeps amazingly, and you simply can’t beat the price. If you are on a budget and want a mattress topper for under $100, this one is the best of the best.

This is also the best mattress topper for joint pain, as it cradles and supports your body with the lightest, airiest, most responsive foam ever.

Lucid Gel Mattress Topper

If you like the feel of memory foam, but need a cooling mattress topper, the Lucid Gel mattress topper cannot be surpassed. This bed pad features a special memory foam formula and is also infused with a gel layer to help with temperature control.

The Lucid topper also aligns the spine and cradles your body for the ultimate sleeping experience and eliminates pressure points. This is truly the best mattress pad for joint pain or for upper back pain.

The memory foam in this mattress is light, airy and responds to your movements. No longer will you have to fight just to turn over in bed.

Also, this topper does not have any bad odors. You can throw it onto your bed right away.

Best Price Memory Foam Topper

This topper is great if you need to decrease the firmness of a mattress. It is medium soft, and very supportive.

This is the best mattress topper for back pain. Even if you are overweight, you won’t sink through.

The Best Price Mattress topper features memory foam at a density of 3 pounds on top and high-density memory foam at a density of 2 pounds on the bottom. This makes it heavy enough to not slide around on most beds.

As a bonus, this topper costs under $200. Prepare to have a good night’s sleep, without breaking the bank.

ViscoSoft Memory Foam Topper

This topper is made of denser, firmer memory foam. This would make it an excellent topper for air bed users who can find themselves sinking into their beds.

The foam used in this topper is Certi-PUR. This mattress pad will not harm the environment, and you can feel good about using it.

If you tend to overheat, this topper is breathable. This increased air flow and the plush gel included will allow you to experience a more comfortable, less clammy night’s sleep.

Unlike most of the toppers we have discussed here, this one includes a slip-resistant cover. The cover is made from bamboo rayon and polyester which also keeps you cool.

Furthermore, the bottom is slip-resistant and features elastic straps to secure it to your mattress. You won’t have to worry about this cooling mattress topper sliding off the bed.

CR Gel-infused Mattress Topper

This mattress topper from CR is unique in that it features Air cell technology. This is a fancy way of saying that the memory foam in this pad is ventilated and gel-infused.

The vents capture heat. The gel ensures a cool night’s sleep.

Furthermore, this mattress eliminates pressure points which makes it the best mattress topper for stomach sleepers.

There is also no motion transfer. Your partner, if you have one, will sleep just as well as you do.

The topper covers are entirely washable. They are also stain and spill-resistant.This means that you simply have to wipe them down instead of having to wash them every time you spill something.

If you are on a budget, this topper will serve you well, for a very long time.

Visco-Elastic Memory Foam Topper

If you are someone who needs a firmer topper, this one may be the best option. It is made of 3-inch thick memory foam at a 4-pound density.

This topper makes any mattress more supportive by fitting over the sagging spots. It is also a cheaper solution than buying a new mattress.

The memory foam on this topper will gently cradle you. Prepare to feel as if you are sleeping on a cloud.

Because you are not tossing and turning, you will sleep better as well. Though this topper does not have any gel inside, it feels as if it does.

Interestingly, when this topper is cool, it is firmer. As it heats up, it softens. This means that it will mold to your body in just a matter of minutes, making it truly the best mattress pad for side sleepers.

Sleepjoy Visco2 Ventilated Memory Foam Mattress Topper

If you are looking for a versatile, memory foam mattress topper, check out this one from Sleepjoy. This topper comes in not only a variety of sizes to fit any bed but a variety of densities as well.

Simply pick the density that fits your body type and sleeping position.

If you are concerned about the environment, you will love this ventilated topper. Instead of chemicals, this bed pad is made from plant-based ingredients.

With this mattress protector, there are no harsh chemicals released into the environment. Furthermore, there will be no nasty odor to contend with and all you will smell is the scent of green tea.

Do not wash this topper. If you spill something on it, simply spot clean the surface, and you’re done.


Mattress toppers are a bit of luxury that you can have if living on a budget. They are also great for joint pain, neck and back pain, arthritis, and many other complaints.

There are many types of materials used when making toppers. Each one has its pros and cons.

Mattress toppers will support all types of sleepers. Prepare to have the best night’s sleep ever.

Now you have all the information that you need in order to buy a mattress topper. You can go to your local bed and bath store and find the best mattress topper for side sleepers, and not spend a fortune doing it.

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Tips on How to Sleep on your Back

Sleep on your Back

The position you sleep in during the night can have a major effect on the quality of your sleep and health. Sleeping on your back is considered to be the best, that is why you need to learn how to sleep on your back.


There are so many benefits that come from sleeping on your back as compared to all other sleeping positions. It is sad to note that most people do not actually sleep on their back. If you don’t sleep on your back, you should train yourself to do it.

The following are great tips for sleeping on your back:

  • Use positioning pillows

Having extra pillows in your bed while sleeping can really help you to stay in the specific position you want. You can place pillows under each arm as well as under your knee so as to ensure proper alignment of your back.


  • Study how you currently sleep

If you do not sleep on your back then you probably sleep on your side or on your stomach. The reason as to why you find yourself sleeping in the position you currently sleep in is because it feels comfortable to you. Identify the comforts that you get from your current sleeping position.


  • Apply these comforts

Once you identify what attracts you to sleep on your side or stomach, try and apply these comforts to sleeping on your back. If you are able to get the same comfort when sleeping on your back as you do sleeping on either your side or stomach, then you will probably stay in that sleeping position all night.


This step will require you to get a little creative as recreating the exact feeling you get when sleeping in your most comfortable position can be a bit challenging. This step will take quite a bit of patience and persistence from your end.


  • Be persistent

You cannot change your sleeping position overnight; it will take time and a lot of discipline. If you try sleeping on your back when you get to bed and then you find yourself on your side or stomach during the night, you should get back on your back.


This may happen a few times during the night as you are retraining your body to associate a different sleeping position with comfort. This can take you a couple of days to achieve so you have to practice a bit of patience.


  • Eliminating lower back pains

Most people avoid sleeping on their back because it causes some pressure on their lower backs which can even result in some pain. You should stretch your hip flexors before getting into bed to help with this problem.


You can also try placing a pillow below your knees which will help keep you in place and also alleviate the pressure on your lower back and hips.


  • Spread your legs a bit

This will help in reducing the pressure on your lower back and hips. The more comfortable you are the more likely you will be to sleep on your back throughout the night.


  • Get a firm mattress

If your mattress is a bit worn out and has formed to the shape of your body, it may be a bit uncomfortable to sleep while on your back. You need to get a firm mattress that will offer adequate support for your back.


  • Get support for your neck

When your neck is properly supported it will reduce pressure on your spine. A firm pillow will prevent your neck from rolling back unnaturally or hyperextending. It will also ensure that your spine remains straight.


  • Don’t eat a heavy meal before going to bed

When you eat a really heavy meal before bed it can get really uncomfortable especially when trying to sleep on your back. You should ensure that you eat a fairly light meal at least two hours before getting into bed. Avoid eating a lot of fatty acids before bed as they can be very heavy on your digestive system.

Benefits of sleeping on your back


Benefits of sleeping

Most people don’t know that sleeping on your back is actually very beneficial. It has more health and beauty benefits when compared to all the other sleeping positions combined.


The following are just some of the benefits that you will get from adopting this new sleeping position:

  • Reduces formation of sleep-related wrinkles. This is because there is no extended and repeated pressure applied on your face from your pillow.
  • Sleeping on your back goes helps in draining fluid from your eyelids thus your eyes appear less puffy in the morning.
  • This sleeping position reduces your face’s contact with bacteria that can be found on a dirty pillowcase. This will keep your skin healthy and prevent any skin related problems.
  • Sleeping on your back will help to keep your spine, neck, and back in proper alignment. This will prevent some of those aches and pains that you get when you wake up in the morning.
  • This sleeping position helps to extend the life of your mattress as the weight of your body is evenly distributed across the entire mattress.

I know that at the start of this discussion most of you thought that getting yourself to start sleeping on your back was going to be an impossible task. You should always remember that sleeping positions are habits and habits can always be broken. All you need to do this is having the drive and being consistent.


The tips on how to sleep on your back that are listed above are easy to follow and don’t require any professional know how. If you never knew that the sleeping position you have been sleeping with all your life has more disadvantages than benefits.


Let us all start sleeping on our backs so we can reap the numerous benefits that it has to offer each one of us.

Thank you for taking your precious time to read this.

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Top 10 Sleep Tips

Sleep Tips

It is 9 pm, perfect time to go to sleep for you so you can wake up bright and early, well rested and ready to face the day; you get into the bed, close your eyes and wait for sleep to take you away. Hours later, at 3 am, you are still wide awake, trying to count sheep or willing yourself to sleep.

Many people have this sleeping problem. Quality, consistent sleep is evasive for quite a number of people. Try as you may, you simply cannot just get enough sleep, or sleep at a designated time. In fact, if sleeping was a talent, most people would be pretty bad at it. So how exactly do you get past this? We have compiled a list of the top ten sleep tips just for you.

1. Bedtime rituals

What do you do right before you sleep? Do you tend to sit in your bed with your laptop trying to finish up some work before you go to sleep? Or scroll through Instagram or another social media sites liking and sharing content. Your bedtime ritual may be the reason for your lack of sleep.

For good sleeping habits, try to have healthier activities done before bedtime. When it is an hour or so to your sleep time, you should think of having a routine, activities that you undertake each day. The aim of the bedtime rituals is to get you in a relaxed mood so you can get sleep quicker and easier. Some of these include:

  • Taking a nice, warm bath: A nice bubble bath is also a good idea here. This allows your body temperature to rise then fall and it encourages you to fall asleep easily.
  • Read a book. Just get comfortable somewhere nice in the house or even in your bed and get a book to read.
  • Simple exercises: You can also try to do relaxation exercises to bring you to a better frame of mind, ridding your mind of stressful thoughts in preparation for sleep.

This time right before you sleep is very crucial for a good night’s sleep. Avoid any kind of activity that will mess up your sleep. Activities to avoid include:

  • Using backlit screens such as of smartphones and laptops. These stimulate the brain and may trick it into thinking it is still not the time to sleep yet.
  • Work. It may be tempting to do some work you brought home from the office right before you sleep. Yet working your brain makes it alert and it will be that much harder for you to get sleep afterwards.
  • Emotional talks. You have all day to talk about this. When it is almost time to sleep, avoid such emotional discussions that will stress your mind and have you thinking about different things deep into the night.
  • Any other kind of mentally and physically strenuous activities are to be avoided for better sleeping habits.

2. Sleep Schedule

Have a sleep schedule for every day of the week. Ensure you sleep at this same time every day, including during the weekends. This will train your body to fall asleep at the set time without much struggle.

Sleeping at different times every day will confuse your body, and you may find yourself unable to fall asleep or wake up on time when you really need to.

3. The place of sleep

The area in which you sleep should be conducive to sleep. When you get to your bedroom, your body will detect that it is time to sleep. The room should be preferably free from light. Invest in heavy, dark-colour curtains that do not allow any light in. Noise from outside should also be minimal. You may have soft music playing in the background according to your preference.

In case of a snoring partner or other loud noises, you can get yourself earplugs to drown out the noise, and an eye mask to block any other light, to tell your body it is time for bed. A cool room temperature is advised as it is harder to sleep when it is hot.

If you have a pet that often disrupts your sleep, consider keeping it outside the bedroom at night. This applies for any other disruptive object like television and computers. The

bedroom should be only for sleep and sex, to teach your mind to associate the room with rest.

4. The Bed

Your mattress and pillow also play an important role in your sleeping habits. Comfortability is the key here, so ensure you have a good, supportive mattress. The pillow should keep your neck in a position similar to when you are upright.

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5. Foods and Drinks to avoid

After a hard day’s work, you may be tempted to pass by a bar for a drink or two. Or maybe you are that person who just needs to have a cup of coffee. This may be the last thing you want to hear, but having caffeinated drinks, alcoholic drinks and heavy meals right before you sleep is associated with lack of or inadequate sleep.

Avoid drinks with caffeine, smoking tobacco and heavy meals when it is just hours to your bedtime. The last thing you want is to stimulate your mind when you should be sleeping and have it up and working instead of rested.

“But I’m hungry” you may say. We are not advocating for starvation. If you really need something to eat, get a light snack an hour before your bedtime. We care about your stomach. As for the alcohol, you can have a drink or two, just refrain from over drinking.

6. Exercise during daytime

Exercise is good for you. Who doesn’t want that toned, trim body, to be fit and have a couple of abs? Females love a toned body on a male. Firm thighs are also something most people want. Having regular exercise in the morning or during the day is not only good for that perfect body, but it is also good for your sleeping habits.

Exercise whether vigorous or a bit more toned down is good for you, and it enables you to have deeper sleep. Work out at any time other than when you are about to sleep. It should not disrupt your sleeping pattern.

7. Power naps

Who else loves those power naps during the day? That 5 to 20-minute nap is heavenly when you are having a long, stressful day. But what if we told you that these power naps may be ruining your sleeping habits?

If you are going to take a power nap, make sure it is not in the evening, preferably before 5 pm. Also, ensure it is a short one so it doesn’t affect your night schedule.

8. Sleep when you feel Sleepy

Staying in bed for more than 20 minutes without finding sleep is quite pointless. The longer you stay in bed without sleep, the more time is wasted.

Sometimes if you can’t sleep, the best thing to do would be to get out of the bedroom or the bed and find something else to do while you wait for sleep to come to you.

9. Technology

We are in the age of technology, with apps for almost everything. Why not take advantage of this and use some of these apps in your quest for getting great sleeping habits.

There are apps to track your sleeping habits and you can use them to tweak your sleeping times and rituals as seen fit. Other exciting apps include those that make sounds you relate to sleep such as the sound of rain beating on roofs and other soothing sounds.

10. Get professional help

When all else fails, you may need to take the next step of visiting a professional. Sometimes the reason for your lack of sleep may be a mental disorder such as anxiety or another. This will be diagnosed by your doctor and appropriate measures taken.

Going over your sleeping habits with a professional may help you get the way forward. You may be given prescribed pills, or psychological help to enable you to get a good night’s sleep.

Consider keeping records of your sleeping habits in a diary, a physical one or in an app. You may be able to see a pattern in your sleep and find the habits that enable you to have better sleep.

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place of sleep

Follow through

Finally, the next step for good sleep is following through. Be consistent as you try the different methods. The results may not be instant, so give them time and find which method works best for you. Sleeping habits may work differently for different people. Age, activities undertaken during the day and other factors determine how well you sleep. Generally, have a healthy lifestyle including nutritious foods eaten at the right moments, exercise regularly and maintain sleeping times.

With the aforementioned top 10 sleep tips, you can rest easy and start to plan for a good nights’ sleep from today. Get more insights from the National Sleep Foundation to help you enjoy better sleep.

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Importance of Sleep

Sleep is a natural phenomenon that not only rests our body but also helps it regulate its energy levels. Lack of good, comfortable sleep will not only make us irritable, cranky irritable, and negligent but if prolonged over a period of time it can affect our general health and quality of life.

Different types of Sleep:

Sleep can be classified into 2 different categories

  • The  Non-rapid eye movement
  • Rapid eye movement .

The non rapid eye moment sleep( NREM) is a sleep stage which includes four stages, ranging from light to deep sleep. We cycle through these four stages of sleep approximately every 90 minutes. Then we go into REM sleep, the most active stage of sleep when dreaming often occurs. During REM sleep, the eyes move back and forth beneath the eyelids and muscles become immobile.

How is Sleep Regulated?

Researchers believe that two body systems, the sleep-wake process and our circadian biologic clock, regulate our sleep. They program our bodies to feel sleepy at night and awake during the day.
The sleep-wake process works by balancing the amount of sleep a person needs based on the time spent awake. Our circadian biologic clock is a 24-hour body rhythm affected by sunlight. It regulates hormones such as melatonin, which is secreted during the night and promotes sleep, and other processes like body temperature. Sleeping at a time that is in sync with this rhythm is important for healthy sleep.

Hours of Sleep Needed

Sleep needs change over a person’s lifetime. Children and adolescents need more sleep than adults. Older adults need about the same amount of sleep as younger adults — seven to nine hours of sleep per night.

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What are the Various Causes of Insomnia?

Insomnia is a condition which can be caused by many factors.The first two stages i.e. the Transients and Intermittent Insomnia occurs in people who experience great deal of stress, quick change in surroundings, uneven sleep or those who are in an environment prone to extreme noise.
The more serious type of Insomnia the Chronic insomnia is a more complex Type and can be a result of various factors like acute physical or mental disorders. Depression is a very common cause of Chronic Insomnia

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Treatment of Insomnia

Insomnia can be treated; these are various types of medications available that can take care of your sleep disorder. Conversely it is not advisable to take medication for intermittent insomnia as this can last only a few days at a time.
But as it is always said that prevention is better than cure, if you’ve been experiencing problems sleeping you can start with making minor changes to your lifestyle and sleep patterns.

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Top 5 Reasons Why not To Buy a Waterbed Mattress!

A Mattress salesman would often coax you to buy a waterbed mattresses ( He gets a hefty commission on this !). Use your neurons and evaluate whether you need a waterbed mattress.

  • Reason 1: Depends on electricity Needless to say, if you electricity provider is not very reliable, and electricity can be absent for more than about 5 hours, then your waterbed temperature may drop.
  • Reason 2: If you have a double mattress, and your partner turns around or gets into or out of bed, then you will feel waves of water. The intensity of these waves depends on the pressure change: the higher her or his weigth, the intenser the waves.
  • Reason 3: Tuning takes time After installation, you need to tune the water level and temperature setting, and remove any air from the mattress. You’ll need to do this by trial-and-error
  • Reason 4: Heavy Once filled with water, it is not possible to move the bed, not even a milimeter.
  • Reason 5: If the above 4 reasons have not convinced you , reason five will…..! Check out what may happen on buying a waterbed at a store.

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How Scientists Sleep in Space

One of the main challenges of the space development program has been giving astronauts the same level of physiological and mental comforts they get back at home. However at 400 km altitude and confined to a small aluminum can this becomes a daunting task.

Generally astronauts zip themselves inside vertical sleeping bags. They leave their arms outside and use a strap that circles the waist. Each sleeping compartment has a light for reading and side panels that can be shut for privacy.

However just like on earth the sleep patterns differ among astronauts. Many astronauts have no trouble sleeping. Approximately 50% of the astronauts complain of sleep disruption patterns.

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Many astronauts, including Canada’s first astronaut Marc Garneau, preferred to sleep “free floating”. He was known to simply curl in the corner and doze off….

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